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Android Phones More Prone To Hardware Problems 220

Posted by Soulskill
from the that-button-doesn't-work-on-mine-either dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "A nearly year-long study conducted by WDS on 600,000 support calls has found that Android phones are more susceptible to hardware faults than other types of devices. '14 percent of all technical support calls for Android devices could be traced to a hardware fault, versus 3.7 percent for RIM BlackBerry, 8 percent for iPhones and 9 percent for Windows Phone 7 devices.' WDS attributed the gap in hardware faults to the disparity in OEMs that manufacture Android devices."
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Android Phones More Prone To Hardware Problems

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    Mod up Parent! If that's not insightful, hell if I know what is!

    Not to disagree about GP post's insightfulness, but I am concerned about your difficulty in being able identifying insightful ideas without its aid. Let me toss a few out:

    • the laws of thermodyamics
    • the biggest homophobes are the people most insecure about their own sexuality
    • the origin of various species by the operation of natural selection upon random genetic variations
    • George Lucas should have quit making Star Wars movies after "Return of the Jedi". Maybe before.

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