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Ubiquitous Computing Gadget To Teach Coding 107

Posted by Soulskill
from the i-know-kung-fu dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A distance learning university in the UK has revamped its IT curriculum to attract more students — the biggest change is that budding coders will get a chunk of hardware which plugs into a computer via USB and can be programmed using a language called Sense — based on MIT's Scratch 'drag and drop' programming language. The university hopes this gadget-based approach will encourage fewer students to give up on their studies."
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Ubiquitous Computing Gadget To Teach Coding

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  • by alta (1263) on Monday June 13, 2011 @02:08PM (#36426976) Homepage Journal

    Programming is too hard with all that darn syntax and obscure words and stuff. We have to make this for the common man. So now, programming will all be done via Scratch and Sense.

    Sure, need a loop? Drag over a loop. Need and if/then/else? it's on that toolbar over there. Need to consume a web service? Look in the Mashable toolbar.

    Oh, need to parse a string of text to see if the input matches your criteria? No, that's called regex, you'll need to find a real programmer to help you with that.

    Need to test your security/performance/useability? Sorry, go see that real programmer again.

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