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Android Handhelds Hardware

A Deep-Dive Look At Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 264

Posted by timothy
from the pleasant-news-from-the-ongoing-future dept.
MojoKid writes "Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 was announced way back in February this year just prior to Apple's iPad 2 launch. Shortly after, a Samsung VP noted the company was re-evaluating their Galaxy Tab line in the wake of Apple's strong iPad 2 showing in early March. Since then, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has begun shipping and early reports show the Android 3.1 driven device to be slightly thinner than the iPad 2, lighter and with NVIDIA's 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor under the hood, every bit as capable. With recent Honeycomb entrants in the 10-inch Android tablet market, like the Asus Transformer, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the iPad 2 finally has solid competition in terms of both hardware and OS performance."
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A Deep-Dive Look At Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

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  • Missing the point (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 11, 2011 @02:58PM (#36412600)

    It's funny that these formerly PC performance sites decided to jump into the fray and began applying the gamer rig logic to tablets with pointless specs that don't explain anything of value to the average consumer.

    The correct question should be "does it have awesome native apps and games, support, and enough differentiation from the leading tablet to stand on its own?"

    So far, Android-based tablets don't. It's kind of a clusterfuck on that front. When carrier subsidy model is taken out of the equation you're left with bunch of spec-driven touch panels with goofy names.

  • Re:Well (Score:4, Insightful)

    by PCM2 (4486) on Saturday June 11, 2011 @03:08PM (#36412646) Homepage

    Why do ppl always claim IPad has more apps for it ? Knowing the filtering with respect to installing software on the ipad as well as the almost mandatory use of objective C and the limitations in the available API sets to access hardware ... why whould it carry or have the capability to carry more software than an andoid device ?

    Because more people write iOS apps than Android apps? Because the iTunes App Store has more apps in it than the Android Market? This is a strange question. Sure, people could theoretically write more apps for Android than iOS... but they don't.

  • Re:Well (Score:4, Insightful)

    by UnknowingFool (672806) on Saturday June 11, 2011 @04:00PM (#36412944)
    I think it means that Apple competitors have now acknowledged that they can't rush out a buggy, incomplete tablet and hope it does well against the iPad. It has to be fairly complete when released instead at some future date. Consumers have short attention spans and first impressions matter.
  • Re:Well (Score:3, Insightful)

    by UnknowingFool (672806) on Saturday June 11, 2011 @04:23PM (#36413070)

    Why do ppl always claim IPad has more apps for it ?

    Maybe because Apple got at least a year start than Android when it comes to tablets. That and all iPhone/iPod Touch apps work on the iPad without having to recompile. They are not optimized for an iPad screen but they will work. Android did not have that advantage as Honeycomb is different enough from previous phone Android releases where they are not guaranteed to work. They may work but it is not guaranteed.

    Knowing the filtering with respect to installing software on the ipad as well as the almost mandatory use of objective C and the limitations in the available API sets to access hardware

    And why would any consumer really care about which languages their apps are programmed in? Developers care. With a huge library of apps when launched, developers will develop for iOS due to the large number of consumers.

    Speaking of stability and quality ? Honestly i have used an Ipad and yes it crashes and yes things sometimes just - no not - work ... like with other OS-ses.

    Can you name exact instances? Seriously Win 7 crashes sometimes on me. Not as much as XP did. By your metric, it is unstable as well.

    Interoperatibility ? Man, android is built using linux ... linux is interoperable with anything ... much more than IOS. but yes with Apple stuff, sure, there you are right.

    Um have you actually tried to update Android? Depending on the manufacturer, you might have a good experience or a terrible one. And it's all linux. Interoperability indeed!

    You are right that an IPad matches better with IPhone and MacOS but have you tried using it in a non-apple world ? Really hard !

    I use 4 different OS's on any given day from Windows to OS X to (non-Apple) Unix to Linux. Have you really tried OS X (not Mac OS) because I suspect you haven't if you can't get the name right.

  • by ColdWetDog (752185) on Saturday June 11, 2011 @05:10PM (#36413386) Homepage

    I guess all the PCs out there just don't work?

    They don't for a lot of people. You know, the ones that bought a random Windows laptop a few years ago to do email / browsing / Farmbook and now have them so infested with shovelware / spyware / viruses that it's "broken". These are the people slurping up iPads - they need an appliance, not a general purpose computing device.

    "We" are different and comprise a very small fraction of the consumer market. The market that powers the US economy for better or worse. THIS is Apple's claim to fame and fortune - the realization that everybody else was 'doing it wrong' in terms of the consumer computing experience. Now, Apple could have made it easier on "us" by having an expert mode in iOS and allowing sideloading. But they didn't (so the jailbreak community did). Sucks to be us but Steve don't care....

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