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AMD Demonstrates Linux-Based PDA at LinuxWorld 61

Misha writes "AMD has demonstrated a new Linux-based handheld at LinuxWorld. The OpenPDA runs on low-power Alchemy chips, with support for USB, Ethernet, UARTS. Here is press release. Among the highlights are: A comprehensive Metrowerks suit as the basis of OpenPDA applications, Qt, Java, Opera browser."
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AMD Demonstrates Linux-Based PDA at LinuxWorld

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  • That qould be -1 seconds in Perl time, but it's at 8pm... strange.
  • by imadcow1 (559289) *
    Y2K has finally hit! Take cover!
  • Yikes, I wonder what happened...
  • Getting around SCO (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Armbrust84 (688423)
    Don't you see, /. is getting around an impending SCO lawsuit by posting all linux stories before SCO existed.
  • must we all produce a new comment thread, produced by the comment in the original article?
  • Please ignore this story; this has been sent back through time at great expense to aid the fight against Skynet by inspiring a young Linus Torvalds to create an OS named Linux which, by providing a system without the communication security holes will allow the creation of T800 without the vulnerabilities that allowed other models to be controlled by the TX, thus in turn allowing the details of the conflict between the T800 and TX to be relayed back in time to Jonathon Mostow, and helping springboard Arnold
  • by jaani (525877)
    At least back now all those /. cliches we know and love do not exist yet. Gentlemen, our task was clear. I, for one, welcomed our new +%Y-%h-%d@%H:%M:%S overlords. Kindly ignore the date of this post.
  • by Blublu (647618)
    Finally, a news item I can post in without 969 people posting while I type my message!.

    That said, I have nothing interesting to say...
    • It's like driving along a highway, and seeing an old bridge over a stream next to you -- you realize that's where the old highway went...

      This story is just like that. Kinda odd and out there, and 99% of the passersby will never find it.

      And this comment is only three days after yours. heh.
  • by GerritHoll (70088)
    this is indeed an old news item ;-)
  • This is the best story to flame in... moderators will never look at it.
  • I was here and saw the perl clock overflow.
  • So... I was bored, and... wow. I feel like I've stumbled upon something mysterious and wonderful here. Our comments will be immortalised here in the 'lost thread'! How exciting!

    Another thing to ponder is, why are we still allowed to post comments here?

    Let history show that I came here on April Fool's day, to escape the lameness of what stories appeared on the front page on this day... ^_~
  • This is still an open thread
  • This has become something of an obligatory thread, for those curious where it all began. Where /. started. Although 1969 is hard to believe, but nonetheless, it is the first /. post.

    I have made the /. pilgrimage, I have come to mountain, Muhammad is not here.
  • Of the AMD cpu to power old threads. Any mods here?
  • I am cool. that is all.
  • by daveo0331 (469843) * on Monday June 21, 2004 @03:50PM (#9488531) Homepage Journal
    Since many of you visiting this thread were born after it was posted, I thought I'd tell you something about what 1969 is like (or 1970 for those of you east of the Prime Meridian):

    We are losing soldiers every day in an unpopular, unnecessary war halfway around the world. Millions of people have turned out in protests against the war. We will face a global energy crisis within the next decade. History is being made in the area of space exploration. We have a dishonest Republican president whose administration is (or will be) tarnished by scandal. The world's biggest computer company is an evil monopoly that everyone hates.
    • Are you talking about 1969 or 2004? Lil' help?
    • Unfortunately, quite possibly the most hilarious comment that will NEVER get modded up. If I remember, you shall get my "underrated"s. (Karma is in order).
    • We are losing soldiers every day in an unpopular, unnecessary war halfway around the world. Millions of people have turned out in protests against the war.... We have a dishonest Republican president whose administration is (or will be) tarnished by scandal.

      Hey, at least no body died when Nixon lied!

      And that war was all JFK's fault.
      OK, I guess technically Eisenhouer started it but JFK escalated it.
      All I wanted was peace with honor, even if it kills us.

      And let's face it, who would you prefer as preside
      • Mr. Nixon -

        It's your predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, that really escalated the war in Vietnam. You just inherited the mess, much as John Kerry will inherit the mess over in Iraq (assuming we don't give the neocons another 4 years).

        As for GWB, if he ran against a ficus, I'd vote for the ficus.

        BTW, how did you manage to post a slashdot comment from beyond the grave? Since you don't seem to be a Bush supporter, have you considered registering to vote? You should be able to get registered in Chicago.
  • Was this article ever on the front page?
  • whats goin on here then?

    some kind of time stoppage?

  • I think that would be wonderful for society in general.
  • I bookmarked this so when I get mod points I can come back here and give out free karma.

    I wonder if moderation in this 'ghost' article is subject to meta-moderation. hmmm...
  • Wow, man; I can't say I've every tried amd, but these brownies are wonderful!!
  • Maybe we can finally find out the truth behind John Titor [].
  • It's Jesse, by the way.

  • That is all, sorry I don't have something insightful to say. I'm going to come back and check this in 5 years time... If it's still here I'll reply to myself.

    Life is crazy.

  • Neat. I wanted to be cooler and post on the second slashdot entry... but it's archived.
  • Here's a summary [] of this month's major news events.
  • by daniil (775990) *
    I can still. Post. Here. Cool.

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