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Multi-Button OpenOfficeMouse At OOoCon 2009 265

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the flying-in-the-face-of-simple-design dept.
An anonymous reader writes "WarMouse has announced their new multi-button OpenOfficeMouse for at the 2009 OOoCon in Orvieto, Italy. The mouse, which features 18 buttons, a scroll wheel, and an analog joystick, has double-click functionality on every button and stores up to 63 application and game profiles in its 512k of flash memory. The OpenOfficeMouse runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X; its customization software will be released as free and open source software." We couldn't decide if this was a protest against Apple's new magic mouse, an elaborate practical joke, or just plain insanity run amok. In any case, it is hard to imagine a world in which so many tiny buttons on a mouse make sense.
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Multi-Button OpenOfficeMouse At OOoCon 2009

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