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AMD Spin-Off GlobalFoundries Gets First Non-AMD Customer 34

Posted by timothy
from the and-they're-not-virtual-like-transmeta dept.
Vigile writes "Since the company was spun off in March, GlobalFoundries has struggled to answer how it will survive and compete against powers like TSMC and UMC in the global world of chip manufacturing. Part of that answer came today when they announced the company's first customer, excluding AMD. STMicroelectronics will be using GlobalFoundries' 40nm lower power process technology for future cell phone SoC designs in the second half of 2010. While one customer won't drive enough revenue to make the foundry completely independent, it is an important step in the right direction and could lead to other customers finally making the leap."
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AMD Spin-Off GlobalFoundries Gets First Non-AMD Customer

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  • by blahplusplus (757119) on Wednesday July 29, 2009 @04:33PM (#28872925)

    ... it seems whenever a chipmaker tries to fab its own parts (3dfx and their own boards when they merged/bought out STB) they end up dying a slow death. The only really that can afford it's own fab is intel and thats because it has the largest marketshare as well as having had leading products for so long.

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