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DEFCON Coverage Round-up at Make 42

Posted by timothy
from the make-this-cowboys dept.
ptorrone writes "If you couldn't get to Vegas this year for the annual DEFCON Conference, we have a special spot on MAKE Magazine with all the project centric activities from DEFCON, enhanced audio, images, posts and more. It was a logistically challenging event to cover, but we hope you enjoy what we were able to capture."
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DEFCON Coverage Round-up at Make

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  • Presentations Mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by Irongeek_ADC (903018) on Monday August 01, 2005 @09:02PM (#13218833) Homepage
    There is a nice mirror of the presentations at: [] For those that want to see the slides.
  • Defcon was fantastic (Score:3, Informative)

    by hoka (880785) on Monday August 01, 2005 @09:11PM (#13218864)
    I was at Defcon this year, my first ever, and I can say without reading the article it was a superb event. The number of people there was simply amazing, and most speakers filled or nearly filled out each venue. A few speakers were what I would consider "underdogs", because they didn't get the attention of any large crowd, but were fantastic. The talk on sketchtools and on Meme Mining for Fun/Profit were both excellent. There was a random presentation by the (a?) assistant director of the DoD, which talked a lot about the information grid the DoD is building, and how the DoD wanted to recruit skilled persons. Theres really too much to talk about in a small blurb here, but hopefully the article comes up soon.

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