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Printer Toys

3D Chocolate Printer Made from Legos? 165

Posted by michael
from the mmmm,-chocolate dept.
enrico_suave writes "Whoot.org (linked via Coral P2P Cache because the poor guy is hosting on a ADSL line) has cool design pics, a now removed video clip, and some interesting details of the process. From one of the plog entries: 'We've developed a print head that will print 5mm 'pixels' of the consumable. It basically acts as a pump. It's a medium sized lego gear (driven by a worm gear attached to the motor) with four axles that repeatedly squeeze and release a pipe attached to a funnel that holds the consumables. a half-rotation of this wheel yields a blob.'"
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3D Chocolate Printer Made from Legos?

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  • Re:Plural.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday September 11, 2004 @01:27AM (#10219381)
    The plural of "Lego" is, and has always been, "Lego"

    WRONG [multicon.de]. Jackass.
  • Re:Not 3D (Score:5, Interesting)

    by twoshortplanks (124523) on Saturday September 11, 2004 @03:09AM (#10219595) Homepage
    This is just a prototype. The next stage in development is to have mechanism after each 2D print to put down some form of powder that can support printing things not directly on top of the previously printed layer. This is what real 3D printers do. You then shake out or vacuum out the powder once you're done leaving a proper 3d object.

    We were thinking icing sugar.

    Mark (who hasn't really been involved in this apart from talking to James about it over tea every morning)

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