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Convert a PC Drive Bay to a Docking Station 63

Posted by michael
from the ask-why-not dept.
Anonymous Coward writes "The Screen Savers are featuring a case mod worth looking at. This article describes how to create a docking station for your PDA out of a PC drive bay. The instructions are little hard to follow but looks feasible and the finished product is pretty slick."
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Convert a PC Drive Bay to a Docking Station

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  • Re:Use that display (Score:2, Interesting)

    by merc_sa (35777) on Sunday August 04, 2002 @06:48AM (#4007398)
    part of the reason that I prefer the cradle on the desk is that I actually use the PDA while
    it's sitting in the cradle. And given my palmOs device is a treo270, I need to see whether an
    incoming call is from somebody that I want to talk to. Having the PDA stuck in a enclosure
    even with a display outside would prove awkward, since the display won't be close to eye level
    and will more than probably be under a desk.

    The idea is technically sound but lacking in the useability department. Now a cradle that's
    stable and clings to the side of the monitor like one of those page holders would save desktop
    space and allow the PDA display to be visible.. that'd be something I'd consider since it'd be
    convenient and lessen the chance of the cradle getting lost in the desktop clutter *grin*
  • by (598281) on Sunday August 04, 2002 @07:53AM (#4007444) Homepage
    Oh wait, they didn't show any. In all honesty, a PDA docking station doesn't take up that much room, it's no worse than one of my speakers. Why don't they just go back to making fish tanks out of old Mac monitors?
  • by kormoc (122955) <> on Sunday August 04, 2002 @08:37AM (#4007503) Homepage
    holy hell, What do you need all that for?
    I have in my case:
    1 video card
    1 nic card
    1 audio card
    I still have 3 open PCI slots
    I have 1 cdrw and 1 dvd drive and I still have 1 5.25 inch bay open, I have 1 floppy drive and I have 1 external 3.5 inch bay open. I have 1 40 gig hd and I have room for two more hds. What do you have that you need all that space?
  • Re:typical TSS mod: (Score:2, Interesting)

    by pimpybra (561963) on Sunday August 04, 2002 @10:36AM (#4007820)
    Dude that's some hard core pansy talk right there. Warranties are for sissies.

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